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41051 - Hawaiian Clip-On Visor

Available in white, pink, tan, black


41200 - Embroidered Solid Visor

Available in black, red, white, pink, turquoise, royal

41300 - Rhinestone Visor

Available in black, white, red, light blue, tan 

80251 - Floral Visor w/ Velcro

Available in black, pink, olive, turquoise

84020 - Wheat Straw Clip-On Visor



84030 - Tweed Straw Visor (UPF 50+)

 Available in tweed: natural, brown, black, rainbow

Solid: Red, navy, brown, black, white

84030 - Tweed Straw Visor (UPF 50+)

Adjustable with removable, washable sweatband

Available in natural, black

84040 - Straw Clip-On Visor (UPF 50+)

Available in brown, straw


90400 - Large Brim Visor

Available in white, black, royal, turquoise, khaki, tan, pink, red